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Scratch-n-Score is very much like your scratch off lottery tickets where you reveal prizes and win cash. The only difference is this game is now available for play on a cell phone using mobile casinos. This game is also similar to the mobile scratch card game except this one has some different themes such as sports and soccer. This game also has some pretty hefty payouts as well.

The objective of this game is to scratch off the boxes to reveal three similar symbols. Each symbol corresponds to a multiplier for your prize money. On regular scratch tickets, the rules normally say that you win the prize amount after matching like values. That is why this game is different because you get to make a bet of any size whether it is a single dollar or a hundred dollars.

For instance, if you make a $100 on a single scratch-n-score game, you could get a 2x multiplier or a 50x multiplier. This means you could win $5000 on this one bet and these payout odds are actually better than most casino games such as roulette. That's a great thing about getting a score in this type of game. The odds are much better than your regular lottery ticket because you are playing at an online mobile casino.

One of the themes for this scratch off game is soccer and you are trying to match three of the six symbols such as golden trophies, soccer balls, t-shirts, soccer shoes, gold balls and coach's soccer whistles. Each symbol corresponds to a multiplier or how large your winnings will be by a multiple of your initial bet.

This game is available at Win A Day Casino or CasinoMax mobile casinos and is powered by Microgaming, one of the most powerful mobile software in the industry. You can always trust Microgaming to secure your personal information and to provide smooth gaming, sharp graphics and fair odds. They are also compatible on a number of wireless application protocol (WAP) devices, cell phone and other mobile hardware so install is fast and easy. It's almost like having your own personal casino in the palm of your hands so you can play virtually anywhere at any time. I highly recommend theses brands if you are planning on gambling with real money.

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!

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