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Mobile Double Magic Slots

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Mobile Double Magic Slot Machine

Double Magic slots one of the classic style slot machines that is quite popular in online casinos. It became so popular that it is now available as a mobile slot machine that can be played using a cell phone, PDA or iphone. This game has three reels with a single pay line. Essentially it is your typical simple slots game with really good payout odds.

Mobile double magic is a magic show themed machine. Like all classic slots, this machine has symbols like single bar, double bar, triple bar, red cherries and blue stars. Because the game is so simple, it is great for beginners or people who just don't want a complicated casino game to play. There is also some bonus cash and special symbols that can act as wild.

When a player has a blue star that line up on one of the pay lines, it counts as a wild symbol, which counts as any other symbol in the game. Also, if you have three symbols that line up along the pay line, you win. If one of the blue stars line up with the other symbols, you win double the prize money. Finally, if two of the blue stars line up, it means quadruple magic or 4 times what you would normally win. Of course, if you get all three blue stars, you will win the jackpot.

Players can use many denominations of coins in the game such as quarters and dollars. The basic setup of double magic mobile slots is great for people to get some skills. Even better, the game's simplicity is great for fitting the game into a mobile device such as a phone.

This mobile game can be played at Slotland Casino or Win A Day Casino mobile casino platform powered by Microgaming. Microgaming is well known for its safe and fair games and great customer support. Their software is very easy to download and install into your phone as well and is compatible with many wireless application protocols (WAP) devices besides cell phones. I would highly recommend giving them a try as well as trying out some of their other slots and online casino games.

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!

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