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Mobile Major Millions Slots

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Mobile Major Millions Slot Machine

Major Millions is one of the oldest and most well known online casino slots games. Obviously a mobile casino couldn't be complete without major millions slots. This game has huge million dollar jackpots regularly as a progressive slot machine. The reason for such large jackpots is the major volume of people playing the game and contributing to the pot. Also, because of its name, there is almost always a million in the pot and it pays out quite often because it is a signature game with awesome payout odds at online casinos.

Mobile Major Millions has a unique military theme with the Major being used as a rank. At the same time, a million bucks is major cash as well. This slot machine uses the classic three reels but there are 3 pay lines. A maximum bet uses 15 coins so it is almost like playing with 15 pay lines. Also note that a maximum bet is required in order to win the progressive jackpot in this game.

Mobile Million Dollar Slots Jackpots

The theme includes single bars, double bars, triple bars, red sevens, white sevens and blue sevens. Of course there is also the major millions wild symbol, which has a three times 3x multiplier to the prize in the pay table if it completes three in a row. There are also red cherry symbols that act sort of like scatter symbols and will pay out if just one of them lands on a pay line.

The great thing about this game is it is mobile. This means major millions can be played on a cell phone, PDA, iphone, blackberry or another wireless application (WAP) device. The game itself is powered by Microgaming software which is compatible with a wide variety of mobile hardware and is very reputable for mobile gambling. You can also feel comfortable having your payment details encrypted and safe with Microgaming as well as smooth game play and sharp graphic quality.

This game can be played online at Win A Day Casino or CasinoMax mobile casinos along with other slots games, blackjack, roulette, poker and much more. I highly recommend both of these places. They are offering deposit bonuses between $3000 and $5000 right now, which are some of the largest in the industry, especially for cell phone gambling. The best part about the game is it can be played at virtually any location and at any time. What is even more major is actually being able to win a million dollars with just a phone and while casually playing games that slot lovers enjoy all the time while taking a break or just relaxing!

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!

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