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Mobile Casino Video Poker

Video poker is actually one of the best games in the casino because of its high payout odds. The game is also widely popular online and many people play it because it takes some skill. Now players can play mobile video poker on a cell phone, PDA or other mobile device. This is very nice for when you want to play video poker on-the-go and where you can literally play anywhere and anytime.

The type of video poker that is available online is the "jacks or better" game. Basically a 5 card hand is dealt after a bet and the player decides to hold certain cards that look promising and you can draw up to five cards on each draw round. After the draw round, hopefully a better poker hand is made and you win a greater prize. In fact, if you get a pair of jacks or higher on the initial hand, you can automatically win by holding these cards.

Mobile Jacks or Better Poker

The objective is to get the really high video hands like a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs or a pair better than or equal to jacks. These are the ranks that let you win in either a mobile or regular casino. If you are good at poker, then you will probably be very good at mobile video poker.

There is also the double or nothing feature, which is extremely common in video poker games. When you win a hand, you can decide to do a double-or-nothing bet. This bonus bet is basically won by picking a random face-down card and trying to beat a dealer's face up card. If you win, then you win twice your original winnings, but if you lose, then you don't win anything. You may also be allowed to double down a few times in a single hand, which may be risky, but it's all about gambling!

This game is powered by Microgaming software so you are ensured the most secure system to protect your personal and financial information and allow for fair gaming. This also means you get a smooth gaming experience with sharp graphics as with all the other mobile casino games. The best part about mobile jacks or better is the fact that it takes some skill to play this game. This can be a fun and exciting game if you ever get bored of slots and want to play some poker games where you can take all the time you need while playing against the computer. Visit Cherry Jackpot or Win A Day Casino casinos for details on how to install and play this game.

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!

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